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We're reopening to the public soon!

Note to exsisting and future customers:

We will soon be reopening our doors to the public with a new series of AI-driven plugins and trial downloads for audio noise removal and enhancements, video noise removal, upscaling, focal reimaging, color correction and uniformity, defect and missing frame reconstruction for frame playback smoothing.

Our AI-lab is proudly taking older 480p video content running at 12 frames per second with a mess of visual errors, noise and color dropout, and upscaling it to a pristine 4k running at 30 frames per second. Using UNTRAINED DATA!

In addition, we will be reintroducing our signature control surface productivity toolkit, Craftworks, back for publicly available purchase. The time we spent in our exclusive employment agreement has allowed us to make spectacular enhancements including true 3D control surfaces resembling those found in big-budget science fiction films.

Existing customers can still access our forums and receive product updates and support through their customer portal. Please direct any questions to


J.Henry Slentz (co-founder / CEO)

PS: Office rivalry is going to get interesting as we're opening an office for our AI products in Columbus, Ohio in the Summer of 2020 near the central campus of Ohio State University and leaving UI products in our offices located off the North Campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Go Blue! Go Bucks?